Garth Eaton – Author – Beneath The Bench
                                Former Chairman – The Australian Justice Tribunal

Garth Eaton   
                              LEGALLY ABUSED

*   Legally Abused is a television adaptation of the Author's autobiography,
     Beneath The Bench.

*   It is a story of government corruption and the resultant damage to innocent
     lives; a story that could be set in any country, internationally – not just

*   More specifically, it is a hard-hitting, True Crime, six-part Television
     Miniseries dedicated to exposing allegations of crippling 'Star Chamber'
     activity firmly entrenched within the Australian Competition and Consumer
     Commission (ACCC) and too often within the Australian Judiciary.

*   And to amplify the unlawful tactics of officers within the ACCC, this miniseries focuses on the
     lives of 52 ordinary Australian families (Europark franchisees) who were caught up in the
     ACCC's bungling and cover-ups; conduct that would destroy their lives.

As the story unfolds we learn that there were millions of dollars invested... World Bank funding...
A violent, fraudulent inventor... The theft of Australian technology... A highly protective entrepreneur...

"In an episode straight from the pages of a spy novel, Eaton
    flew to Slovakia..."
- The Courier-Mail

Now add corrupt government officers... Justice brutally denied in a Kangaroo Court... And if that wasn't enough, the worst was yet to come. So far, Australia's most notorious federal court Judge had only issued the death warrant. He had yet to give the order to kill.

“WHODUNIT?  … a body lying undiscovered in an occupied house...
all the elements of a murder mystery.”
- The Courier-Mail

Legally Abused is an historical account of the ACCC's Star Chamber culture in the 1990s that still exists to this day; a devastating culture that impacted real lives and real families, and not just large corporations capable of sustaining the financial damage.

The story also exposes the “shoot first and ask questions later” attitude which underpins the code by which the ACCC and its legal representative, the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS) continue to operate. It is deeply regrettable that their questions are too often answered in a courtroom after irreparable damage has been done to Australian commerce and innocent lives.

In short, Legally Abused is a compelling true crime story of identity falsification, criminal conspiracies, unlawful intervention, fabricated evidence... just some of the criminal tactics used by the ACCC and AGS to Obstruct and Defeat Justice; tactics that will guarantee them a successful outcome in a federal or supreme court.


But in the instance of Europark franchisees, ACCC officers didn't win without this group of 52 families putting up an incredible fight as they fought hopelessly against the affects of 97 criminal acts perpetrated against them; each criminal act committed to protect a mentally ill, fraudulent inventor and to protect those same officers from criminal prosecution.

And Garth Eaton led that desperate, but hopeless fight against the full weight of that legal abuse.

"Mr Eaton's history reads like a James Bond novel." - The Courier-Mail

And yet, it would take the vendetta of a judicially corrupt Judge of the Federal Court of Australia to finally bring them down. Eventually, six lives are lost to illness, suicides and murder.  But why?

SUMMARY OF FEELINGS   (Would these be yours?)



Correspondence to Justice Spender - 4 March 2020


At all times, readers should bear in mind that Legally Abused is a dramatisation of True Crime; and although excerpts of the transcript of a federal court trial (QG 74 of 1994) are verbatim, most of the dialogue is either based on diary notes, discussions with former Europark franchisees, discussions with former Europark staff, discussions with Defence Counsel in the Russell Island Land Fraud trial, an accurate memory of events, or has been logically created to reflect the lead up to real events and outcomes.

In essence, the material relied on has been in the public domain for decades. All the author has done is to bring that material together and highlight it.

Furthermore, all of the hard-hitting, true crime allegations are substantially true and matters of fair comment (i.e. JUSTIFICATION and HONEST OPINION) given that the topic of unlawful practices within Australian government agencies and the Judiciary is very much IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.

“LEGAL ABUSE” - Definition

Legal Abuse refers to unfair or improper legal action initiated with selfish or malicious intentions. Abuse can originate from nearly any part of the legal system, including abuses by government agencies, law enforcement, incompetent or corrupt lawyers, and misconduct or corrupt practices from the judiciary itself.

Legal Abuse is responsible not only for injustice, but harm to physical, psychological and societal health; too often the reason for suicide.

“STAR CHAMBER” - Definition

The Star Chamber Court was an English court, disbanded in 1641. It was dedicated primarily to crimes against the Crown; that is, acts of sedition. And as such, it was notoriously recognised as a highly oppressive court that delivered hasty and unfair decisions giving little or no regard to facts and law. It was also common practice for this court to reach biased decisions long before trial; decisions that would win favour with the King.

The more modern term, Kangaroo Court, is an apt description. And such Star Chamber conduct also refers to the activities of law enforcement agencies keen to secure convictions by whatever means. In this context the term, stitch-up, also applies.